Sabudana Vada

Sabudana wada- Delicious snack eaten during fast, mostly popular as a road side snack. Sabudana Wada has a crunchy coating which melt in the mouth & leaves you craving for more. It can be eaten with a simple yoghurt dip. It goes well with a hot cup of tea.
Sabudana Wada is traditionally made during fasts like Ashadi Ekadashi or Shivratree. Elders in the family often used to follow these fast and me including all my cousins used to gorge on the delicacies made on that special day. I've grown up eating these wada's not only during fast but also during the rainy season sitting in the balcony looking at the rains with a hot cup of tea, chatting with my dear friends, cousins & family. These wada's brings back my memories of my P.G. days when my non- marathi friends used to call up mom and ask her to make her special treat while we completed our projects, feasting on the wada's.
  1. 1 cup Sabudana (sago)
  2. drinking water to soak sabudana.
  3. ½ cup roasted peanut powder (Danyacha kut) 
  4. 6 finely chopped green chillies
  5. 1 big potato (boiled & mashed)
  6. ½ tea spoon sugar
  7. juice of lemon juice as required
  8. Salt for taste 
  9.  chopped coriander
  10. curd if the mixture becomes too dry.
  11. oil for frying
  1. Soak the sabudana in  drinking water for 1 hr, water level should be just above the sabudana. After 1 hr press sabudana and see if it has become soft. if not keep it in water for another ½ hr. otherwise drain excess water by transferring it into a strainer. leave aside for 2 hrs or overnight if you want to make it the next day. 
  2. In a wide plate mix all the ingredients- the soaked sabudana, along with mashed potato, roasted groundnut powder, chopped green chillies, coriander, juice of a lemon, salt & sugar. 
  3. make lemon size balls and flatten them to make vadas by help of your palm, if the mixture is too sticky to make vada's wet your palms.
  4. heat oil in a deep kadai and fry the vada's on medium heat until they turn golden brown. remove on a tissue for excess oil to soak.Serve with jeera curd.

Ingredients for Jeera curd
  1. curd 2 small bowls
  2. ghee 2 tsp
  3. jeera ½ tsp
  4. 1 very finely chopped green chilli
  5. sugar and salt as per taste
  6. coriander for garnishing
  1. Add jeera & finely chopped chilli to hot ghee, add this to curd and mix well.
  2. Add salt and sugar and garnish with coriander.

Note: Over the years, I have noticed each company's sabudana takes different time to soak. One trick for soaking sabudana is when you buy the sabudana from the shop soak a tablespoon of sabudana and note the amount of time it takes to become soft. It may differ from the regular brand you always use. 

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  1. Anonymous18 July, 2012

    I wanna sooo eat this... Looking Yummmm
    Sarah Tandon

  2. Anonymous18 July, 2012

    They look just yummmmmy.........I want them right now !!!!
    Sonia Shinde Pawar

  3. Hey wat a coincidence.. Mum made it for dinner today!!! :)

    1. thank you friends, I posted this especially for the "Ashadi Ekadashi" upas which falls on 30th June (Saturday). Enjoy

  4. Anonymous18 July, 2012

    Thanks for the info... Will do Upas & prepare Wadas too ;)
    Roopa Gokhale Jog


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