Ghee (Clarified Butter)

Ghee (Clarified Butter) has always been of great importance in Indian cuisine. Not a single Indian sweet/dessert is completed without the use of ghee. It plays a major role during rituals like pooja, festivals & also offered as food for Gods. Traditionally it is made from cows milk. Ghee is used in everyday meal for making chappati's, tadka's, dosa's, Indian sweets. I've been preparing it for last 8 yrs now. After coming to muscat I started preparing it with unsalted butter (Ready-made). In India people make it from homemade butter by churning it freshly from milk cream. Its a very easy recipe which needs to be cooked carefully with lots of patience because it may get burnt easily. I am sure many of you love the fragrance of the freshly made ghee, its heavenly!
[Let me share a secret with you] I'm very particular about the look, feel, taste & aroma of ghee - It should have a peculiar golden color with a heavenly aromatic smell, & should be रवाळ  (form semolina-like granules) when cooled. I don't eat ghee if the smell, color turns me off.

Sharing my secret recipe of making "Liquid Gold" used in every Indian kitchen.
  1. 400 gms of unsalted butter
  1. Make small cubes of unsalted butter. In a non stick heavy bottom sauce pan add the cubes of unsalted butter. 
  2. On a medium heat melt the butter, it may splutter after a while & resemble a froth, turn down the heat to simmer until ghee separates from the froth & it will develop a brown colored crust at the bottom of the pan.
  3. At this point carefully shake the pan to prevent the ghee from burning further & switch off the gas. 
  4. The ghee will also have the heavenly aroma of the freshly made homemade ghee (yummm). Keep aside the ghee to cool. 
  5. Strain the ghee with the fine strainer into a ghee vessel or a glass jar. ghee is best stored in a silverware but of course it is optional.
  6.  ghee can be stored for a month at room temperature. I can almost smell the aromatic ghee from the picture below. (ummm slurp)


  1. Awesome Soni im going to try this tomorrow as need to get unsalted butter ( any brand is fine with it correct)

  2. Use any brand, Normally I use Lupark. Any unsalted butter is good for making homemade ghee. if you are making it for the first time make sure you stand near the gas until its done, otherwise just 1 min away and the ghee might get burnt at the end of the process. Best wishes.
    Happy cooking

  3. Definitely 'Anchor' Unsalted for authentic fragrance. Lurpak does not work. In middle east, Amul butter is always available I think.

    1. Have always used Lurpak. Will try the Anchor next time. Thanks!


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