Dhadpe Pohe

4 handful of barik pohe
2 big onion finely chopped
1 medium size tomato finely chopped
½ vati peanuts
3 tbsp methkoot
Salt & Sugar as needed
2 Green chillies very finely chopped ( add more of the chillies are not spicy)
½  vati grated coconut
¼ vati chopped coriander
Buttermilk as needed
1 vati oil for fodni
2 tsp mustard seeds
1 tsp tumeric
½ tsp hing
Use a sieve to remove the small particles in pohe. Traditionally dhadpe pohe is made in a Parat (a wide thali). 
Add pohe in a Parat, add onions, tomato, coconut, coriander, to the pohe. Mix the pohe with hands. 
Heat oil and fry the peanuts n add it to the pohe. Give fodni of mustard seeds, hing, halad. Add the fodni to pohe. Add salt sugar & lemon and mix well. At this point take little buttermilk in your palms and mix the pohe. Cover it another thali, this is called पोहे दडपून ठेवायचे, therefore the name. Serve after 10 minutes
Add salt sugar, lemon n buttermilk as needed if you want to pohe to be more spicy you can add सांडगी मिरच्या along with green chillies. 

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