Orange Delight or Oranges - Two Ways

As a child I remember helping Aai, to peel the oranges, set the jelly & help her to make this dessert during orange season. We used to call it Orange "souffle" then (back in early '90s when we had no internet, no masterchef on the telly), now when I think of the name I feel quite silly about calling it "souffle", so I decided to call it Orange delight or Orange-Two ways ( that surely sound gourmet-ish). So here's the recipe of Orange Delight or Orange-Two ways.
Orange Delight Or Orange two ways
  1. 6 fresh oranges (peel them, remove skin of each piece, remove seeds. its quite a process but worth it)
  2. 1 pack Ready made orange jelly
  3. 2-3 powdered sugar (add more if oranges are sour)
  4. 1 bar of chocolate (roughly chopped) OR 5 tbsp chocochips
  5. 2 tsp fresh cream
  1. Make orange jelly as per instructions on the pack. Keep in fridge to set.
  2. remove the skin of each oranges segments, remove seeds, add in a bowl.
  3. Roughly cut the jelly & add in the oranges, add sugar & fresh cream and chopped chocolate (or chocochips)
  4. Set in fridge before serving.
  5. Dont mix the jelly as it may become too watery if you stir it. also set the jelly as per the instruction on the pack, if it says use 500mls of water use 400ml because the jelly should be thick and not too watery.
  6. Serve cold with  roughly chopped chocolate pieces.


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