Fig Jam

My first attempt to make Fig Jam. Came out exactly the way Aai makes it. In-fact I'm making some for her after this one gets over.

  1. ½  kg figs (2 cups)
  2. 2 cups sugar
  3. ½  cup water
  4. 1 tbsp lemon juice or citric acid
  1. Wash, pat dry the figs. Peel the skin and chop them roughly. (I got ½ kg figs which were exactly 2 cups when roughly chopped)
  2. In a thick bottom wide pot, add the sugar & water and bring it to a boil and make little more than 1 string syrup. While making the syrup add the lemon juice.
  3. Add the chopped figs into this syrup and cook the figs until the syrup turns to a consistency which resembles honey. let the jam boil for 10 minutes, but keep stirring it as it may stick to the sides of the pot or the bottom of the pot
  4. turn off the flame & store the jam in a air tight container in a fridge. Enjoy with bread or chappati
    some useful tips
    1. the amount of sugar should be exactly the same as the amount of chopped figs.
    2. For making one thread syrup see this post of rava ladoo 
    3. with a help of a spoon pour some syrup from the jam and pour it on a plate to see if it resembles honey.
    4. don't worry if the jam syrup looks little watery it will thicken after the jam cools down. If not you can bring it to a boil again
    5. cook the jam on a very low flame.

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