I'm alive & cooking

Dear Family & Friends,

2013 was just one of those years- one I'll never forget but glad its almost over! Of course two highlights of this year has been our little one who joined the family (8th Jan 2013) & WE moving back to India after living in Muscat for 8 yrs. I have remarkable memories about MCT as my 3 kids (incl my blog as well) were born in the beautiful city, I've learned a lot in those 8 yrs- when I had all free time to experiment on cooking & exploring the world of food. When I brood over the past, I feel jealous that I had all the spare time to do so many things, never the less I'm enjoying motherhood all over again with both M&m.

I know I've been away from blogging & sharing recipes for quite some time. I've been very busy with the little one (11mo), my li'l boy who is growing up too fast (almost 5) & the husband who is mostly traveling but I'm hoping to find more time as days pass by (*fingers crossed*).

The thing is, I'm around. I may not have posted much recipes in the past 1y but I have been cooking, baking, clicking, blogging, sharing whenever I find time & there is more to share. 

A big thank you all for your wishes, for being patient, the emails, messages, tweets, comments which have kept me blessed.

Looking forward to 2014 with a renewed sense of optimism & purpose for the challenges ahead.

Here's wishing you all a Happy New Year.

Cheers & Happy Cooking


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