Besan ladoo with Almond powder

3 cups besan (you can use the regular one or the one specially meant for making ladoo's)
1½ cup ghee (clarified butter) use melted ghee
3 cup powdered sugar
3 tsp cardamom powder
½ cup almond powder (roasted with 1 tsp of ghee)
Slivered almonds as required for decoration OR broken cashewnuts
microwave safe bowl

Mix the besan & ghee in a microwave safe bowl.
fry the besan-ghee mixture on microwave high for 2 mins. Stir the mixture & continue stirring it for another 6 minutes, but you need to check after every minute, stirring the mixture. At this time, the mixture will form bubbles and will rise (double in quantity) in the bowl.

Now for rest of the 4 minutes you need to check the mixture and stir it after every 30-60 seconds , because it will keep on rising and doubling in size due to microwave heat.
By now the besan-ghee mixture will have a nice aroma to it.
At this stage please note that the mixture should not look too dry, otherwise the ladoos will not hold up their shape.
Keep this mixture aside to cool for 3-4 hrs.
Once cooled, add half of the powdered sugar, cardamom powder & almond powder. Mix well. Spoon by spoon add the remaining sugar and then mix. If you think the mixture need more sugar add as per taste. make small round ladoos out of it.

Yields- 25 ladoos if you use a small vati( steel bowl)

Please note

  • Normally I mix 1 cup ghee to the besan, then add the remaining ghee as needed.
  • As I've been preparing these ladoo's for 4 yrs in a row, I've got a hang of the measurements mentioned above.
  • last 4-5 mins of frying the besan-ghee mixture is very crucial because there are high chances of the mixture getting burnt.
  • Every microwave differs from one another. if you have a v small microwave be very careful in preparing the ladoo's you may need to check the mixture after every 30 seconds or minute.
  • I prefer to taking a chair with a pillow on it, sit in front of the microwave and stir the mixture :-)

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