Trifle Pudding

Happy 2nd Blogniversary !!!!

Two year ago today I started my food blog. On one hand it seems just like yesterday, but when I look back to all the posts & the photographs, the memories of 2 years hardly seems long enough to hold them all. This will be my 114th post. Not bad for the second year. I can't thank all of my friends, family & my followers enough for the support & encouragement.
To celebrate my blogs 2nd anniversary I am sharing the recipe of my all time favourite dessert. here’s "my version" of the trifle pudding.
1 banana
1 apple
15 black grapes
100 gms pineapple in syrup
½ mango (Alphonse)
15 wheat biscuits (or more as required)
Free flowing custard (made from 3 cups milk, sugar added)
raspberry jelly 
Chop all the fruits and mix it with the free flowing custard. Leave aside some custard
Place the biscuits in a flat dish as shown in the picture below
Over the layer of biscuits, pour the free flowing custard to moisten the biscuits. Now add the fruit custard over the custard
Next, add the layer of Sponge cake over the fruit custard as below
Add the remaining fruit free flowing custard to moisten the sponge cake, then add the remaining fruit custard.
Prepare the raspberry jelly as mentioned on the ready-to-make jelly pack, pour it over the fruit custard, let it set in the fridge for about and hour before serving.Serve chilled.

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