It gives me a nostalgic feeling when I have the "gopalkala"  because it takes me down the memory lane when I was in school. On the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami boys used to break the "dahi handi", then we used to eat the "gopalkala" to celebrate the festival. Various sweets and dairy products are offered to Lord Krishna, one of them is the "Gopalkala". It is prepared from dry-beaten rice ("sadi chya lahya"), curd, ghee. It is extremely easy to prepare & doesn't  take time to prepare. I often make it as a mid afternoon snack. Here's the recipe
1 cup crisped puffed rice (see the picture below)
3-4 tbsp yoghurt
milk or buttermilk as required
2 green chillies chopped
1 tsp cumin seeds
salt and sugar as taste
add the yoghurt in the crisped puffed rice & mix well, keep aside for 5 minutes, the mixture will become thick, now add milk or buttermilk as required.
Melt clarified butter (ghee) in a small pan for the tempering, add the cumin seeds, green chillies.add salt and sugar as required.
"sadi chya lahya" or crisped puffed rice , ladies use this for the pooja on laxmipoojan during Diwali, it is available in grocery stores all across India.
here's wishing you all a very happy "Krishna Janmashtami"


  1. Anamika arora05 March, 2012

    my 8y.o loved simple to make. good option for breakfast or after noon meals

  2. thanks Soni...


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