Double layered chocolate cake

Ragi ("nachani") is not a commonly used cereal which is sad, because it is extremely rich in iron & calcium as compared to other cereals.
This cake is baked on gas & is a healthier option if you dont add chocolate to it :-)

Ragi (nachni)- 2 cups
rava- 2 cups
milk 1 cups
dahi 1 cups
sugar- 1 cups
ghee- 3 tbsp
baking soda 1/2 tbsp
cocoa powder 3 tsp, if u want dark chocolate cake add more cocoa
Ingredients for chocolate sauce
ready made slices of chocolate bar (dark chocolate or the normal one)
Keep 2 pans (tava) on gas and heat them well. I used a cast iron pan.
mix sugar in milk , add dahi and mix well
add ragi (nachni) and rava into this mixture, add cocoa powder.
mix well with hand mixer, just before baking add soda
pour this into a baking tray and keep it on the pan (tava) and the other pan which is also very hot, shoud serve as a lid over the baking tray .
if the cake doesn't bake from the top heat the pan (the lid) again and cover it.
you will get a typical smell of the cake when its done, also make sure it is baked from the top
after the cake is baked let it cool.
slice the cake into 3 parts and pour melted chocolate over each layer.
again cover the entire cake with melted chocolate.
keep this cake in the fridge and heat it in a microwave when u serve
Goes very well with hot coffee.
Method for chocolate sauce
on a double boiler melt chocolate,
pour it into the two layers and on top of the cake                                         


  1. Ekdum sahi ahey....very healthy never thought we cud make cake from ragi .


  2. thanks kajal...made it couple of time...Next time I will bake it in Oven or Microwave

  3. Is this your own experiment. I want to try this healthy cake but will it taste good? I am quite a victim of using amateur recipes from the net despite following it to the T.

  4. @prabha I have baked it so have my cousins they loved it

  5. Thank you for ur quick reply soni. Is the ragi taste very apparent? This is a cake basically without maida and using ragi flour instead. I am dying to try this healthy treat but I hate ragi before I try I wanted to ask.

    And I liked the tiramisu recipe..very simple n i m surely going to try.

  6. @prabha - Don't worry, I had prepared this one for a party at my place n none of my friends realised I'd baked a ragi cake.told them it was made from ragi cake after it was over :)
    Also you can bake this one in microwave @180 degrees for 45-60mins until done.
    Although the Tiramisu recipe isn't the authentic one, the taste is similar to the tiramisu you get in Italian restaurants


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