1 cup yogurt
1 cup cheese spread
1 cup sugar (use more if the sugar is less sweet)
2 tbsp Gelatin (or as required)
Sponge cake for the base layer (slice)
Coco powder to sprinkle on the top & little bit to add to the batter
2 tsp Coffee Powder (dissolve in 1/4th cup hot boiling water to sprinkle on the sponge cake)
strawberries for serving
First dissolve gelatin in hot water. Mix properly and keep aside.
Mix cheese spread, Yogurt & sugar. Mix it well with hand mixer for 5 mins. (If the batter is sour add more sugar)
Then add gelatin & mix well. Beat it with hand mixer for another 5 mins. Add little coffee syrup (boil coffee in water & make syrup)
In a serving bowl add the slice of sponge cake, sprinkle coffee syrup then add the above mix & sprinkle cocoa powder with a strainer and keep in fridge & let it cool.
serve chilled with strawberries.

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