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I was born in Pune, brought up in a household who loves to eat (as they call in marathi "assal khaavvye"). I remember as a kid, my mother always used to tell me "whatever you land-up doing in life, be it a hard-core career women or a housewife a girl has to learn the basic cooking before she gets married" Like any other girl I am thoroughly inspired by my mother's cooking & be grateful to her for making me what I am today.

Cooking has always been my hobby & a passion. You will always find me cooking, baking, sharing, blogging, clicking & of course eating. For me, a day without cooking is a dull & incomplete. When people ask me how I find time to cook, looking after two small kids, I proudly reply back saying "When you have liking towards your passion you will find time to pursue it" & that is exactly what keeps me alive.

When Perzen approached me to contribute recipes for her e-book, I wanted to make the most of the golden opportunity & give my best to share Maharashtrian Cuisine with the world. There are tons of Marathi recipes which need exposure but I picked the following popular recipes which comes across a non marathi when they think of "Maharashtrian cuisine".

The recipes of Puranpoli & Modak have been shortlisted for the January Edition of the e-book. If you want to see your favorite delicacies published in the e-book please cast your vote for these two recipes as best 10 will be selected & published.

The ‪#‎BestKeptSecrets‬ E-book is released and my submission (Recipe of Puranpoli) made it to the top 10. Download it now at http://www.bawibride.com/go/download-bestkeptsecrets/
Once again a big thank you to those who have voted.Thank you!!

Cheers & Happy Cooking!


  1. Sounds superb, thanks for this food guide.

  2. Hi, I found your blog while searching for a recipe for methkoot.....I love Maharashtrian cuisine; your site is just great!

  3. Great blog, i love Maharashtrian dishes, especially Puran Poli.


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