Strawberry & Oats Smoothie

Fibre, minerals, calcium, vitamins, what more could you ask from a meal??Indulge yourself in a glass of strawberry & oats smoothie! Enjoy
please note-  If you are lucky to get sweet strawberries, no need to add sugar.
1/4 cup oats
1 cup yogurt
1 cup strawberries (fresh or frozen)
1 small ripe banana
2 tsp sugar (Add more if the strawberries are too sour)
1 cup milk
Mix the oats & yogurt and let sit in the fridge over night.
Puree everything in a food processor. Serve chill
the above quantity serves 2 adults (Served in a tall glass)


  1. Amazing!!! Chan ani healthy recipes share kartes tu!!

    1. Thanks a Lot Kajal. I had this for breakfast, it is healthy as I didn't add any sugar because the strawberries were so sweet... #YummyInMyTummy

  2. Anonymous18 July, 2012

    Jyotsna Nagarkar- I love it too - but I do not use oats. Will try your recipe now!

    1. Jyotsna maushi- Its good for people who don't eat/like oats. it will give thickness to the smoothie.

  3. Anonymous20 July, 2012

    Neeta Panse-Bhatawadekar- i make it with banana and almonds! tastes divine!!

    1. ‎Neeta tai- did u crush the Almonds in the grinder or added it as a garnish? Its a fantastic idea. Will try it next time I make the smoothie

  4. Anonymous21 July, 2012

    Smita Kunte-

    Tried this smoothie over the weekend. Since I did not have a banana in the house, i replaced it with some frozen chiku. And it turned out to be lovely...

    Even I thought of trying it will almonds. I guess if almonds are soaked overnight before grinding into the mixture, that would be effective.

    Please share some more smoothie combinations - the ones you have tried and tested..

  5. Anonymous21 July, 2012

    Smita Kunte-

    Hi Soni, I tried the smoothie yesterday. I did not have a banana at home, so replaced it with frozen chikus and it turned out wonderful.

    I also thought of adding almonds to it. I guess soaking almonds overnight before we grind them together into the mixture will be more effective. Will do that next time.

    Pls share some more tried and tested smoothies. Keep up the good work.

  6. Good to hear that Smita! Will try it with chikoo too. Should turn out well. Yups with almonds it has to be soaked almonds or almonds slivers for garnishing.
    Try the same recipe with Raspberries/ Blueberries. If you want a real heavy one try it with banana and any berries of your choice to break the banana flavor.
    Also if you like flax seeds you can add them into the smoothie while blending.
    Instead of sugar you can also add honey.
    Try with combination of different fruits. Papaya/ Mango/ Kiwi using the same recipe.
    I have made kiwi & Banana smoothie using flax seeds.It turned out well but not many people like to eat flax seeds. This one is surely good for people who want intake of fiber in their meals.
    Hope this helps.


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