Chatpat Veggies for BBQ

1 pack mushrooms
3 bell peppers ( of different colours)
½ kg cottage cheese (Paneer)
½ cauliflowe
4 table spoon curd
8-10 garlic cloves
3 table spoons salt 
4 tablespoon red chilli pepper
3 table spoon chat masala
Chop mushroom into half, peppers & paneer into cubes.
Add the curd, garlic cloves, salt, red chilli powder, chat masala into the grinder and make a smooth paste. this should be little spicy and salty
Add this paste into the veggies and marinate for 12 hrs
Add these veggies and paneer on a skewers and BBQ until done
Use the remaining marination as a dip by adding little more curd if it is too salty/spicy

Please note:This recipe can also be prepared on Grill-fry pan

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