Strawberry Cheesecake

A million thanks to my friend Mrunalini for her recipe of rasberry -strawberry cheesecake. I made some changes in her recipe & made a strawberry cheesecake for the first time and it turned out just the way I wanted!
250 gms mascarpone cheese
250 gms hung curd
Sponge cake
200 gms- powdered sugar
1 tbsp- gelatin
½ cup hot water
egg whites of 2 eggs
½ tsp-Vanilla essence
1 pack of strawberries
Cake pan (spring bottom pan)
To make hung curd, tie 2½ cup curd in a muslin cloth for 4hrs or until all the water is drained.
Let the mascarpone cheese be at room temperature.
Dissolve the gelatin in ½ cup hot water. keep aside to cool
Add the powdered sugar, vanilla essence to egg white and beat it with a hand mixer till it forms soft peaks. (Tip: if you hold the bowl upside down the peaks shouldn't fall)
Mix the mascarpone cheese & hung curd together. After mixing it well, add it to egg white- sugar mixture. Add dissolved gelatin to it and mix it well.
In a cake pan, apply some butter to a bottom. Put 1 layer of sponge cake on it.
Pour half of the cheese batter on it and place 2nd layer of cake on it. On top of it, fill up the whole top portion with halfed strawberries. Pour remaining cheese batter on it. Garnish with fresh strawberries, let the cake set in fridge for 2 hrs.
Demould the base from cake tin. 

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