Puneri Misal Pav

This popular breakfast dish eaten in Pune needs no introduction. Misal is a "absolute feast" for your  taste buds. People in Pune flock at the favourite misal joints on weekends to enjoy their spicy snack, it is usually eaten with bread or pav! Please feel free to change the amount of spices in this recipe as per your liking.The one mentioned below makes the Misal & tarri medium spicy, but if you want the real "spice kick" add more spices.Here's my recipe of Puneri Misal

For Usal
1 cup-Matki (Moth beans)
½ cup mix beans (green moong, white peas, Bengal gram)
1 small chopped tomato 
1 small chopped onion
cumin powder as per taste
Red chilly powder as per taste
Salt to tasteoil
½ tsp cumin seeds  &mustard seeds
½ tsp turmeric powder
pinch of Asafoetida powder
few curry leaves

Soak the matki and the other beans in boiling hot water for 10hrs, drain the water and tie these beans in a soft cloth for sprouts to emerge. this will take around 6-8 hrs more. after the sprouts emerge pressure cook them, keep aside
In a pan add oil, add cumin seeds, mustard seeds, turmeric powder & asafoetida, add curry leaves after they splutter, add onion and tomato.when onion and tomato are cooked add the beans along with the water.this usal  should not be very watery.
Add red chilli powder, jeera powder & salt as per taste. the usal should be mild as we will be using the spicy tarri while serving the misal.
for tarri or spicy gravy
small piece of ginger (roughly chopped)
1 whole garlic (roughly chopped)
½ dry coconut grated
1 small onion & tomato roughly chopped
5 tsp oil
whole garam masala (small piece of cinnamon, 3 cloves, 3 peppers, 1 Cardamom, 1 tsp Caraway Seeds)
red chilli paste as per taste
Salt as per taste
Add  little oil into a pot, when heated, fry the whole garam masala, chopped ginger/garlic, grated coconut. fry until coconut turns brownish. Now fry the onion and tomato.when onions are well cooked turn off the flame and keep aside to cool. After it cools make a fine paste. add the remaining oil to the pot and when its hot add the red chilli paste. this will give the red colour to the tarri.add the paste and add about 3 cups of hot water & let it boil.Now add salt as per taste.

for Garnishing
zero no shev
Pohe chivda (click here for recipe)
laxminarayan chivda or farsan (optional)
finely chopped onions, tomato & boiled potatoes
bread slice or pav
Pohe Chivda, Laxminarayan Chivda & Potatoes

Tomatoes, Onion and Zero no Shev
How to serve misal?
As the name suggest misal means mixture. this is how I would recommend but you can serve it as you like each of the ingredients.
In a bowl add the chivda / laxminarayan chivda or farsan, then potatoes, onions, tomato, now add the usal and tarri as per liking, garnish with zero no shev, coriender.Enjoy with a slice of bread or pav. 
or you can arrange the ingredients as shown in the picture below and ask your guest to serve as per their liking.
Some people also eat misal with curd.


  1. Deepti Tak08 August, 2011

    Misal hmmmmm tastiest ...:)

  2. I TRIED This misal was very very tasty

  3. Anonymous12 June, 2015

    Awesome great taste:)
    Thanks Archana


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