Masala Dudh

Masala dudh is traditionally prepared on Kojagiri Pournima or Ashwini Pournima night where all the family/ friends get together play games and eat some chat (like bhel) or Vada Pav and the warm masala dudh as dessert. The Masala dudh is made by boiling the milk and adding the special masala full of dry fruits. This masala can be stored in the fridge in a air tight box.


½ ltrs full fat milk
3 tsp crushed almonds 
3 tsp crushed 

1 tsp cardamom powder
powdered sugar as per required
few strands of saffron
dissolve saffron in 3-4 tsp of milk, keep aside
In a thick sauce pan add milk & sugar, bring it to boil, stir occasionally. Add the crushed almonds, pistachios, cardamom powder and the saffron milk. 

bring the milk to boil again

Pour in glasses, Serve warm


  1. Good post. Would try this...

  2. Diwali chya faraalabaddal lihina suru kela ka??? Chakli visru nako...


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