Wheat Nankatai

Am really into baking mood these days and yesterday tried baking Wheat Nankatai (indian cookies) and as I write this post I am biting into the last nankatai that I baked yesterday. Nankatai are usually made with all purpose flour but I tried  baking them with wheat flour which gives them a crumbly and melt in mouth texture. The combination with wheat flour and semolina is a healthier option too. These should be baked only until the edges begin to brown. This will keep the outside crisp with a soft interior. These are delicious when eaten warm or at room temperature. 

Wheat Nankatai
  1. 1 ¼ cup whole wheat flour
  2. ½ cup Semolina
  3. ¾ cup ghee (melted ghee & add more if the dough beomes dry)
  4. ¾ cup powdered sugar( add more if needed)
  5. a pinchof baking soda
  1. Preheat oven to 150°C.
  2. Add all the dry ingredients & add the ghee little by little until a soft dough is formed. 
  3. Keep this dough to rest in a cool place for 1hr. After an hr the dough might become dry when you'll need to add 1-2 spoon of ghee.  
  4. Make small balls( similar to pedha) of the dough and flatten them.
  5. Arrange on a greased baking cookie tray and bake for 15-20 minutes or till the nankhatai turns golden. 
  1. The unit of measurement used for this recipe is the katori(Steel one) which yeilds 12 nankatai's
  2. If you use the standard baking cup as a unit of measurement it yeilds 40-50nankatai's according to the size of the balls.
  3. I baked these nankatai's in a gas oven (Cooking range),it can be baked in microwave also in convection mode, but batch of 2-3, please grease the tray or use a baking sheet while baking in microwave.


  1. Sounds delicious Soni. I am also into baking, well I am only into baking. The next time I have some time I will give the receipe of Zukotto ( an italian desert ) or banana loaf or walnut chocolate loaf or muffins (whichever you want)or chocolate mousse (instant, egg-less or belgian). The list is neverending. BTW, love the receipe that you have posted. Try using butter instead of Ghee the next time, it tastes better and lives longer.

  2. They look delicious ! Will definitely try them ! Happy Baking !

  3. Anonymous07 July, 2010

    dear soni,
    thank u so much for the nankatai treat. i will try the same in our gas oven. when u will come to abu dhabi i will serve u with the delicious wheat nankatai.
    c u soon and have a fun time


  4. Anonymous07 July, 2010

    Hi Soni...I'll try this recipe. Thanks for sharing.
    gauri dandekar

  5. Anonymous07 July, 2010

    Hi Soni,

    Sounds delicious....Will definitely try....


  6. Anonymous07 July, 2010

    - Show quoted text -
    Leena Gole

  7. Anonymous07 July, 2010

    Cool, Soni! Just checked your blog. Nice recipes there! :)
    parag S

  8. Looks yummy, will definitely try....

  9. Anonymous08 July, 2010

    hi, thinking of trying wheat nankatai.but i dont hve oven lets see wht happens in microwave
    will mail u once i do n how it cmes out.
    sudha bhat

  10. will surely try Soni...appears to be quite healthy...

  11. Ameya Nawathe :dar athavdyala amchyakade toast khari wala yeto...ani aai mala nankatai gheu det nahi karan te dalda ghaltat....ata recipe chi printoutach aai chya hatat theun deto....full to demand list - hey kar nahitar daldyachi nankatai ghein!

  12. Soni
    I've tried these indian cookies so many times and they turn out really yummy, hope u bake more like these and share with us
    /Monika Singh

  13. WOW !!! Looks so Yummy ! I'm gonna try this !
    Keep up the gud work !


  14. This recipe is healthy and delicious.By any chance can it be made on microwave

  15. will try this weekend!! thanks for sharing!!

  16. nice recipe!looks delicious-Ashwini Badrinarayan

  17. looks delicious!

  18. Hi Soni. I made the Nankataies this weekend. They turned out simply superb.I followed yr recipe to the T and got 12 Nankhaties as u mentioned. Family loved them and also my office folks. so much so that they wanted me to take orders :-)

  19. Hi,

    I made the dark choc cake today. It was good but turned out a little dry. I should have added at least 1/2 cup of milk at the end I think, to make the batter dropping consistency and add some moisture because I did not use rum. I spread the top with some leftover Nutella and shall serve the cake with icecream after dinner.


    1. WOW great idea to use nutella :-)

  20. Jaya
    you can add milk if the batter itself becomes very dry (for the cake)


  21. Nutan Dasnurkar26 May, 2015

    Hi Soni, just saw your receipe advertisement on FB and felt proud of you. Also tried your lovely recipe. Amazing test!!! I took same proportion as you mentioned but somehow my nankatais broke may be I should have added less amount of ghee. Thanks and lot and keep it up!!!


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