Crème caramel

for custard
fresh full cream milk (as required to make a firm custard)
120 gm castor sugar
custard powder as required
for caramel
1 cup sugar
3 Tbsp water
Put sugar and water in a saucepan and heat on medium flame until it starts to turn a light golden brown.Keep a watch when you're doing this because once the syrup turns golden it darkens very quickly. Do not stir. Once the caramel turns a light golden brown stir so that the colour evens out and then pour directly into your mould. (I was lucky enough to get plastic cups to make caramel custard)

As you pour the caramel into the mould move the mould so that caramel gets coated on the inner surface of the mould.
For custard
prepare custard as per instructions on the custard tin, make a firmer custard.
to unmould the custard loosen the sides with a knife carefully.Put a serving plate large enough over the top and then turn the whole thing over so that the mould is bottom up facing you on the platter

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