Corn- Choco Affair

this is the simplest recipe I ever tried out! These little babies can be eaten with your favourite ice cream as a topping !
2 bars of mars chocolate (if Mars is not avaible you can use 5 star)
4 tsp corn flakes
few choco chips
3 scoops of any fav icecream
In a thick bottom saucepan melt the chocolate bars on a low flame / or melt it by double boiling but it may be time consuming
stir it continiously because it may stick to the bottom of the pan
when the chocolate melts, add the corn flakes and stir it lightly so that each of the flake is coated with the melted chocolate (be very careful since the flakes are very delicate they might break easily)
remove the flakes and keep it in a muffin liners, sprinkle some choco chips over it and allow them to cool
Serve with ice cream.

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