Home Baking Starter Kit

What Equipment Do You Need to Start Baking at Home

  1. Gas Oven, Microwave or OTG
  2. Hand Gloves (optional)
  3. Mixing bowls- 2 nos
  4. Electric hand Mixer (Optional)
  5. Wire Whisk
  6. Set of Measuring Cups (for Dry ingredients)
  7. Measuring spoons
  8. Measuring jug (for wet ingredients)
  9. Rubber Spatula
  10. Pastry brushes
  11. Sieve
  12. Parchment paper or Wax paper (Optional)
  13. Cake tin (Square or round), Muffin Tray or Silicon liners, Cookie Tray or Silicon Sheet/ Loaf pan for breads or Cake loaf
  14. Piping Bags (Optional)
  15. Cooling rack (Optional)
  16. Wooden Skewers or toothpicks (Optional)
  17. Zesters
  18. Spoons

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