Homemade Mango Ice-Cream

Lots & lots of memories are attached to this wonderful recipe. Every summers Aai used to make homemade mango ice-cream. We used to happily help her to make the mango pulp. It used to be a fun activity. I remember she used to make 2 box full of mango ice cream which we used to polish within no time. most importantly this recipe is very simple and needs only 4 ingredients to make it. This recipe is so much better than the ready-made ice-creams, it has the same soft, creamy texture and you know all the ingredients used are fresh & has no added artificial flavors. It has all the goodness of the Alphonso mangoes. You can also enjoy the ice cream with freshly chopped mangoes or mango pulp. Here's the recipe.

1 ltr milk
5 tbsp sugar ( adjust the sweetness as per your liking)
4 tbsp milk powder
Mango pulp made from 3 mangoes ( I used fresh Alphonso mangoes)
In a deep bottom vessel mix the sugar, milk powder to the milk and bring it to a boil. Switch off the flame after the milk starts boiling. Keep the vessel away to cool. 
In the meanwhile make fresh mango pulp and add it to the cooled milk which is now at room temperature.
Blend this and store it in the ice cream box. I used Tupperware box meant for making ice-creams. Leave it in the freezer for 3hrs.
Remove it from the freezer after 3 hrs & blend the ice-cream. This procedure is done to avoid crystalization of the ice cream. Refreeze the ice-cream for 12-15hrs. Remember the freezer should be at maximum temperature & the ice-cream is made in air tight box.
My mother used to make the ice-cream in aluminum container with a lid. 

1. When you blend the ice-cream, it should be of the same consistence of that of a softy.
2. If the ice-cream is not similar to softy, please leave it in the freezer until it reaches the correct consistence.
3. If the ice-cream is too hard, leave it outside to melt for a while. 

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