Bakarwadi Chaat

The popular crunchy, crispy, delicious tea time snack Bakarwadi from Pune need no introduction. It is famous all over the world now. A friend of mine described it as a Fiery hot Swiss roll :-)
I visited my sister-in-law during my recent India trip and she prepared this amazingly yummy, 'to die for' bakarwadi chaat, thanks a ton swarada and bagshree for sharing the recipe with me. I prepared the chaat the very next day after I landed here in Muscat. The taste of the bakarwadi chaat is still linguring on my taste buds. 
here's the recipe of the  "King of the chaats" :-)
250 gms bakarwadi
2 medium size onions (finely chopped)
1 big tomato (finely chopped)
1 small bowl zero number shev
5 tbsp tamarind chutney
Chaat Masala as required
salt to taste
coriander for garnishing
Crush the bakarwadi into smaller pieces, add the above ingredients mix well and serve immediately.Garnish with coriander


  1. Siddharth Joshi12 January, 2011

    nice! know we have another kilo of bakarwadi stuffed in our fridge from our 2009 india trip. it will be put to some gud use now :-D

  2. Jayesh Paranjape12 January, 2011

    Unique!!! I sooo want to try this

  3. Sheetal Auty Joshi12 January, 2011

    Slurrrrrppp Thanks for sharing this one...

  4. Aparna Deshmukh12 January, 2011

    It tastes yummy. Bags ne ithe prepare keli hoti :)

  5. Monica Chaudhari12 January, 2011

    Thanks for sharing it , will try for sure

  6. Rujuta Dnyansagar12 January, 2011

    too innovative and creative chaat...amazing ahe

  7. Manorama Ukidve13 January, 2011

    Agga, you gave me this recipe few months back I think. I made it 4 days back to back. Satya went crazy. It's tooooo good.

  8. Rrucha Kale- Bapat21 January, 2011

    I have tried Basaboosa once----It tastes amazing!!!

  9. Rrucha Kale- Bapat21 January, 2011

    I have tried Basaboosa once----It tastes amazing!!!

  10. Soni, kaal "Bakarwadi Chaat" kela hota. Awesome!! Never would have thought to make chaat from bakarwadi. Ithe Chitale Bakarwadi milate in abundance, aata nehami hoil ha padartha aamachya kaDe. Dhanyavaad! :)


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