Date Rolls

Are you thinking of making a very easy, quick yet very healthy & nutritious recipe this diwali?? Try making these Date rolls, a sweet natural treat that everybody can enjoy.
I am sure you'll have fun preparing this recipe with very less efforts & with a big satisfaction of doing something all by yourself. Dates, as you all know, has tons of nutritional value to it with perfect amount of sweetness.

½ cup date paste
2 tsp sliced almonds without the skin
2 tsp of crushed walnuts (Don't add more walnuts, the rolls may turn bitter)
Wheat Biscuits- about 15-20 or as required (crushed in powder)
Cling film to cover the roll
For making date paste, de-seed 1½ cup dates and soak them in 3-4 tbsp boiling hot water for 3 hrs. churn these into a blender to get a smooth paste.
Add the crushed biscuits, sliced almonds & walnuts into the date paste to form a dough. the dough shouldn't be very sticky. you may add more biscuit powder if the dough becomes too sticky

the dough shouldn't be very stick
Grease your hand with little ghee  & roll the dough into a cylinder of even size, cover it with a cling film and keep it in the chiller for 2 hrs (Do not deep freeze the roll)

Remove the roll from the chiller and cut the roll into ½ inch pieces.Refrigerate these rolls and serve chill.
The above quantity will yeild 18 pieces.


  1. i'm gonna make this one :)
    - darshana

  2. Darshana: pls tell me how it goes !v simple to make and healthy one too

  3. what a innovative healthy recipe, i am surely trying this one..I amalso residing in Oman, any idea if we may get readymade date paste?
    K. Radhika

  4. awesome recipe.i liked the idea of using biscuit powder as during Diwali i had made date-anjeer roll but could not give it shape and had to serve it as halwa

  5. Wheat biscuits can be any brand?

  6. Pallavi
    you can use any wheat biscuit.


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