Karanjee is a fried dumpling with coconut & sugar filing prepared on Narali Pournima which is also obeserved as Rakhee Pournima. Sisters tie a sacred thread on their brother's wrist signifying the brothers responsibility to protect her all her life.This post is for my dearest brother Rohit. Hope you have a special day today & a special thanks to my artist friend Aparna for drawing the rakhee.
for filing
  1. 1 grated coconut (approx 2 cups)
  2. 1 cup powdered sugar 
  3. 1 tsp cardamon powder
  4. 2 tsp crushed poppy seeds
  5. oil for frying
for dough
  1. ½ cup all purpose flour (maida)
  2. ½ cup semolina (rava)
  3. 3 tsp Ghee (hot)
  4. salt to taste
  5. warm milk to prepare dough
  6. warm water as needed
for saran (coconut filing)
  1. Mix the grated coconut & sugar, and cook it till it becomes dry,  after it cools add cardamon powder & crushed poppy seeds
for cover
  1. Mix all purpose flour, semolina, pinch of salt and hot ghee and knead the dough with warm milk & water mixture. Keep aside for ½ an hour and then knead again for 10 minutes continuously, till the dough is soft & smooth.
    for preparing karanjees
  2. Make small lemon size balls, roll each ball into puris. place 2 teaspoon of coconut filling at the center of the puri. Apply milk on the edges with finger to close the edges & to make a shape like a moon; press the edges gently and firmly
  3. Place the raw karanjee in a soft wet cloth, keep aside until all the karanjee are ready to fry
  4. Deep fry the karanjee's in hot ghee utill done on a very low flame
  5. Karanjee's can be stored for 8-10days in a cool and dry place in an air tight container


  1. hey soni
    nakki try karin karanjya
    i think aaplyala saway nahi rahili ashya special goshti banwaychi, thanks for the recipe :)

  2. Manawa Diwekar03 November, 2010

    Dear Soni,

    Wish Kunal, Mayank and you a very happy Diwali!
    I tried your Karanjee recipe....It was awesome!!!
    And the quantities are perfect!
    (shewatchya karanjee madhe saranacha shewatcha potion bharla mi)

    Great going Soni!
    I love your blog and am planning to try a lot of your recipes :)

    Happy Diwali
    -Manawa Diwekar


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