Neer Gojju (raw mango appetizer)

My mom is born and brought up in Karnataka where "Neer gojju"  is commonly prepared during summers as an appetizer, which multiplies your appetite esp during summer when one typically this feeling of lack of appetite is most common. "Neer gojju"  can be stored in fridge for not more than a day, but I'm sure you won't resist the tangy, spicy and save it :-)

1 raw mango
1 tsp oil
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
3-4 glass water
salt to taste
1 pinch asefotida
1/2 stuffed dried chilli (fried) OR green chilli

Pressure cook the raw mangoes
Allow to cool and squeeze out all the juice from it.
Add enough water to this pulp so that the neer gojju becomes watery
For tempering
Heat oil, add mustard seed and allow to splutter
 Add the green chilli or the crushed stuffed chilli to the neer gojju
Add salt as per taste


  1. Nice recipe, Soni ! My mom used to make this very frequently too :)

  2. Yes chhaya, this is a typical karnataka appetiser


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