Honey Glazed Prawns

If you are looking for a healthy alternative consider making this recipe. These prawns were marinated for a while and finally grilled to perfection. Although these prawns had their own flovour to be served for themselves you could also serve them with chilli honey dip.For the minimal amount of effort they turned out excellent!

15-20 frozen prawns
4 tsp of honey for marination
2 cloves of garlic, minced
fish seasoning
salt to taste
juice of a half lime
Olive oil as needed
chili flakes
honey as required for chili honey sauce
skewers, soaked in cold water for ½ hour
In a large bowl mix olive, garlic, fish seasoning, lime juice and salt.Add prawns tossing them to coat, leave these to marinate for about an hour
Thread 3 prawns on each skewers, grill prawns for 5 minutes by turning on both the sides
Serve with chili honey sauce/ dip
Honey Glazed Prawns on Foodista


  1. actually! a nice idea! can even go very well with chicken wings!

  2. I have tasted this, very nice !....highly recommended ! :)


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