Pasta and cucumber salad

Giving the traditional cucumber salad a twist. Goes well with our daily meals, pulao or rice.
1.      2 medium size cucumbers
2.      1 small bowl macaroni (or pasta of your choice)
3.      2 tsp mustard seed powder
4.      Curd as required (better to use readymade curd which is thick)
5.      Coriander for garnishing
1.      Chop cucumber; prepare pasta as per instruction and keep aside to cool.
2.      Grind the mustard seed powder with ½ tsp curd until it becomes light & fluffy and colour should change to white.
3.      Add curd to chopped cucumber, followed by pasta & add the mustard dressing.
4.      Add salt to taste, garnish with coriander, Serve Chill
Let it marinate for 1 hour before serving. Goes well with chappati, rice, pulao.


  1. Radha Dixit, mumbai20 November, 2011

    our simple kakdi chi koshimbir with a different Italian twist.Loved this idea

  2. great i tried this and added cut spring onion both white and green part,chunks of pineapple,crushed pepper....... yummmmmmm


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